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Your cowboy ranch crew tim and susan dude ranch
Tim O'Crowley at Steens Mountain Guest Dude Ranch Oreogn

Tim O'Crowley

Susan O'Crowley at Steens Mountain Guest Dude Ranch Oreogn

Susan O'Crowley

Hi! I’m Tim O’Crowley, and I have spent most of my life working with horses or cattle. I tried my hand at logging for a year or so and decided that log trucks were not for me. I love a good horse under saddle, and cows to gather. I am a fifth-generation cowboy and I love it. I have had the good fortune in this life to marry my sweetheart of 35+ years and together we have raised six kids. Our family tree is growing as we now have 18 grandkids, with more on the way. Life has more than given me a fair shake. Now I just want to share a little of it with you and others.




I grew up just seven miles from Tim and was only 19 years old when I married him. Our 35+ years together has been an adventure as we have spent it raising our six children, all of whom we are very proud of. One of my fondest memories from my own childhood was being in the kitchen while Mom was making homemade bread and feeling her love for all us children. Homemade bread will always smell like “home” to me.




Mary Otley was a huge part of what has made Steens Mountain Guest Ranch possible. The Otleys settled in Diamond and have a heritage of cattle, cowboys, and ranching that spans more than 100 years. Mrs. Mary Otley was more than just a neighbor; she was a friend, a true example of strength and part of the family. We will miss her. 

Mary  Otley









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