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Life as a Cowboy!

living the life of a cowboy 

We believe that real cowboy experiences are gained by living the life of a cowboy. And that is exactly what we invite our guests to do at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch—live the life on a real dude ranch. With us, it’s all about doing, not merely watching.


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What is a Dude Ranch? Guest Ranch?

Dude ranches are the original Western Cowboy and Cowgirl Vacation! In the late 19th century, ranches allowed visitors from the East Coast and Midwest to escape the crowds of their suburban lives to experience the unique rejuvenation of spirit that ranches had become known for. Ranches that opened up to the tourism business were called guest ranches, or “dude ranches”. The unique, authentic experience delivers the need for an escape outdoors. Each year, returning guests became lifelong friends with the staff. At Steens Mountain Guest Ranch, after you come once, you are part of the family forever! 


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