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kiger mustangs

Kiger Mustangs

The Kiger Mustang Viewing Experience is a truly unique opportunity for People to ride out on horseback to view and photograph the Wild Kiger Mustangs in their natural habitat. This three day/ two-night adventure is limited to 8 guests at a time and includes staying two nights at the Steens Mountain Guest Ranch and riding for two days in the open countryside. A picnic lunch is carried on “Scooter,” the ranch packhorse, who has a personality all his own that you are going to love.























The Kiger Mustang Experience begins on Wednesday at 3 pm and ends on Friday between 3-4 pm.



The cost for the Kiger Mustang Experience is $995/person if you want your own room  OR.... $695/person (come with a friend) if there are two people in your party when you register and with whom you will be sharing your room.


Things to Bring:  

A hat with a brim to block the sun or rain, a camera/phone, a reusable water bottle, and a pair of binoculars (This really enhances the distant sightings). 


What to Expect:



Arrive at 3 pm. Check into your room and dress to go on a short trail ride. Go down to the Horse corral and get acquainted with your horse. Go for a short ride before dinner, just to get everyone comfortable.  After dinner, you will get the opportunity to hand-twist a rope (5 minutes) and get in on a roping lesson from Tim.



Saddle horses. Eat Breakfast. Load up into the Ranch Trucks and drive over to the Kiger Mustang Viewing Area (15 minutes), mount up and ride all day. Return to headquarters around 5 pm. Eat Dinner and relax.



Same as Thursday, but a little shorter ride today.  Arrive back at the Guest Ranch around 3:30. Unsaddle and Say, “Goodbyes” to some new friends. 


Other Important Things to Know:

If possible, please wear darker, muted colors, rather than really bright colors.  We want to BLEND in with the countryside as much as possible as we “scout out” the Mustangs.

You can bring your own saddle if you have one that you love. 


As part of this adventure, you may also want to take 30-45 minutes to visit the BLM Wild Horse Corral Facility, before coming on out to the Guest Ranch. The address is 28910 Hwy 20 West, Hines (Burns), Oregon. They are open M-F 8 am-3:00 pm. It takes an hour to get to the Guest Ranch from the Wild Horse Corrals.


Cell-phone Service: Very spotty. You are welcome to use the Guest Ranch's phone to call home and let loved ones know that you have arrived safely. 


Wi-Fi: There is no Wi-Fi at the Guest Ranch. This is your chance to really unplug!

2020 Kiger Mustang Dates   (limited to 8 guests per experience) 


July 1-3  -  0 spots left

July 15-17  -   0 spots left
August 5-7 -  4 spots left


Call 541-493-1164 to Reserve your spot today! The Preferred method of payment is cash or check, but we also gladly accept credit cards. (Deposit Required)


Deposit: $195. Refundable up to 4 months before your experience. For Reservations, email us at or call 541-493-1164 and PLEASE leave a message if we are not in. We are a WORKING Guest Ranch.


Welcome to Steen's Mountain Guest Ranch seated at the base of the breathtaking Steen's Mountains, with headquarters in the Diamond valley of Southeastern Oregon. 

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