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Kiger Mustangs in the Wild at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch Oregon

viewing the

kiger mustangs

Kigers in the wild!

Oregon Kiger Mustang Horse Experience

2024 Dates Below

Viewing the Kiger Mustang Horses in the wild

The Kiger Mustang is a strain of mustang horses located in the southeastern part of Oregon. Feral horses with specific conformation traits discovered in 1977, the name apply only to wild-captured individuals and do not apply to their bred-in-captivity progeny, which are known as Kiger Mustang horses. Kiger Mustangs horses are noted for their intelligence and stamina. Horses in this herd vary in color from dun, grulla, buckin and variations of these colors including dorsal and zebra stripes. Sizes vary from 13 to 15 hands with weights from 750 to 1,000 pounds. 

The Oregon Kiger Mustang Experience Package 

The Kiger Mustang Viewing is truly a unique opportunity for guests to take a day ride out on horseback to view and photograph the Wild Horse Kiger Mustangs in their natural habitat. This is a real wildhorse mountain guest ranch experience. This expierence is limited to 6 guests and includes a day ride out from the Steens Mountain Guest Ranch. It also includes lunch. 


A picnic lunch is carried on “Scooter” the ranch packhorse,

who has a personality all his own that you are going to enjoy! 

2024 Dates

Kiger Mustang Experience Dates


June 22  / 2 spots available

July 5 / 4 spots available

July 13 / Reserved

July 20 / 6 spots available

August 1 / Reserved

August 13 / Reserved

August 16 / 1 spot available

1 Day Kiger Mustang Cost: $525/per person

(lunch is provided). Our suggestion for a place to stay is to either: Book one of the cabins at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch, and bring your own food or Book a room at Hotel Diamond (541-493-1164) just 2 miles away and make a breakfast/dinner reservation.  

To Make a Reservation:

Call 541-493-1164 and PLEASE leave a message if we are not in. We are a WORKING Guest Ranch. You can also email us at A deposit of $225 is required to hold the reservation. 

To be put on a waiting list in case there are cancellations, please call 541-493-1164.


Cancellation Policy:

You can cancel up to 4 months before your reservation date and receive a deposit refund.


Weight Limit: 

230 pounds.

Itinerary/What to Expect:


Day of Arrival

Please arrive at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch, ready to ride, by 7:00 am. There, you will get acquainted with your hosts, sign the Liability Waiver, and make the final payment (cash or check please). Then, the horses and riders will be shuttled over to the Kiger Herd Management Area, which is about 15 minutes away to start the Day Ride.  Lunch will be provided. You will have a saddle bag to carry your lunch and water in. You will return back to the Guest Ranch between 2:00 and 3:00 pm.

Things to Bring:

Suitable clothing, a hat with a brim to protect you from sun and rain, a camera and/or phone to take pictures, a reusable water bottle, and a pair of good binoculars and sunscreen.

Other Important Things to Know:

Please wear darker, muted colors, rather than really bright neon colors if possible. We want to BLEND in with the countryside as much as possible as we “scout out” the Kiger Mustangs.


As part of this adventure, you may also want to take 30-45 minutes to visit the BLM Wild Horse Corral Facility, before coming on out to the Guest Ranch. The address is 28910 Hwy 20 West, Hines (Burns), Oregon. They are open M-F 8 am-3:00 pm. It takes about an hour to get from the BLM Wild Horse Corral Facility to the Guest Ranch.


Cell Phone Service: Very spotty. You are welcome to use the Guest Ranch's phone to call home and let loved ones know that you have arrived safely. 


Wi-Fi: There is no Wi-Fi at the Guest Ranch. This is your chance to really unplug!

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