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Welcome to Steens Mountain Guest Ranch seated at the base of the breathtaking Steens Mountains, with dude ranch headquarters in Eastern Oregon. Here are some ideas of what you can experience here:

     For those who want to experience what it is like to be a cowboy riding horses on a real working cattle ranch, similar to the movie "City Slickers." This is the place! We call it The Authentic Cowboy Experience! You will come to be part of our crew on this dude ranch as we take care of the cattle upon the summer range. You will end up with a few souvenirs (as in sore muscles and tanned faces) to take home, but the real one will be the memories of being part of our cowboy crew. Take a look at the link to see what that all entails.

      For those who enjoy seeing the wild horses out in their natural habitat, we do Kiger Mustang Experiences. If you like to ride horses and would like to see these wild Kiger Mustangs from horseback, then you will love this! Check out this link to get a feel for what this is all about and the time and dates we will be doing it.  

        For those coming to the area looking for a quiet place to stay, enjoy some healthy home-cookin' and hear “Tall Cowboy Tales” at the dinner table, this is the place! Ranch Lodging with Trail Rides. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or seasoned horse rider, we welcome you! Ride with us and get a scenic view of the Steens Mountains and Diamond Valley on one of our Horseback Trail Rides.


        One of the things that really sets Steens Mountain Guest Ranch apart from other Dude Ranches is that we strive to make our experiences very personal. In other words, we work with small numbers of guests at a time.

       Whether you are gathering cattle on the mountain with us,  photographing wild mustangs out on the range, or relaxing under a sky filled with stars, Steens Mountain Guest Ranch will offer you it all. We invite you to come to Oregon's Buckaroo Country and join us for a one of a kind dude ranch vacation!

Kiger Mustang Viewing Oregon Dude Ranch

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Not only will you become part of the cowboy crew, but you will also saddle your own horse, ride and round up cattle throughout the Steens Mountains cattle range on this dude ranch vacation of a lifetime. You will also fix fences, learn cowhand detail, learn to ride, make rope, and enjoy the views for days on this dude ranch cattle drive. 









viewing the wild KIGER MUSTANGS

Viewing the Kiger Mustangs in the wild is an amazing sight to see. You will ride well-trained horses with us in the open landscape until we come upon the wild Kiger Mustangs in their natural habitat. This truly is a unique opportunity for guests to take a day-ride out on horseback to view and photograph the Kiger Mustangs. 

Kiger Mustang Viewing Oregon Dude Ranch Vacation

Spring cowboy dude Ranch Experience

The spring season is full of life, full of color. This newer dude ranch experience offers a different look at how we prepare for the cattle year. It is a very busy time on the Ranch. There are new baby calves being born daily, lot's of horseback riding and cow work, cattle branding, feeding baby orphaned calves, moving cattle to new pastures, riding and repairing fences, and more. It is a different season with different experiences and Guests will be staying in accommodations at the Ranch Headquarters, rather than a Cow Camp.

Steens Mountain Guest Ranch Horses Kiger Mustangs

lodging and horseback riding

We offer lodging with horseback riding. Get a Scenic View of the Steens and Diamond Valley on one of our Guided Trail Rides. The lodging rate includes Dinner and Breakfast for 2 guests. We have many trail ride options to choose from during your dude ranch stay. 

Lodging at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch Oregon




We believe that real cowboy experiences are gained by living the life of a cowboy on a real Oregon dude ranch. And that is exactly what we invite our guests to do at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch — live the life. With us, it’s all about doing, not merely watching.

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Life as a Cowboy!

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