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From the very moment you arrive at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch, you are part of the O’Crowley family and a member of the cowboy crew. You’ll help catch your horse and saddle it up for the day’s work ahead. Then hold on as you jump right into cowboy life, which will vary from day-to-day. See our “Experiences” menu to get a feel for what all you might be doing!


Lunch is usually packed in your saddle bag. A warm and hearty dinner is served right around 6 pm—we say “right around” because the events of the day, or the livestock, often don’t play along with our schedule. Guests and crew all eat around the same table, where we can visit, build friendships, and share stories and laughs from the day’s adventures.


Evening time provides you with the opportunity to take in country living in the relaxing atmosphere of O’Crowley homestead or cow camp. Enjoy the view from the front porch, pass some quiet time out on the back deck, sit a spell and visit with the O’Crowleys, or learn a new buckaroo skill—like how to rope, braid, or tool leather. We will be happy to help you learn!


As part of the crew, you can also expect no “nose to tail” riding—we make sure you get a real cowboy experience! You’ll receive individual attention, working side by side the cowboys, doing what they do. Ever helped doctor a calf or brought in a stray cow? Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to—that’s what your experience is all about. And yet we recognize that not everyone wants to experience everything. At Steen’s Mountain Guest Ranch, you can jump in with both boots and guns blazin’, or you can just stand back and watch the action—you define your own comfort zone.


To us, it’s all about sharing with others the life we love so much—we love where we live and we love what we do! We think you’ll love it, too.


 We place a high value on your enjoyment, your safety, and on building lasting memories and treasured friendships. We look forward to meeting you and the time we’ll have together.



Other important items

We plan on you having a safe and fun experience at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch. However, cowboying is a lifestyle that doesn’t go without risk. Steens Mountain Guest Ranch does not assume responsibility for injury, loss of personal belongings, or time lost or expenses incurred incident to injury. Prior to arrival, you may individually purchase vacation trip insurance, which may cover cancellation, personal property, and personal injury. You will also be required to sign a Waiver/Release Agreement (click for a print and mail copy or an online fillable form) before beginning your activities at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch.


  • All guests should have immediate access to personal transportation while at the ranch, in case they would like to visit other recreational or historical attractions in the area, etc.

  • Children coming to the ranch must be at least 12 years old and mature enough to handle and ride a horse on their own (with training). This age restriction is necessary for the safety and enjoyment of all guests.

  • Steens Mountain Guest Ranch does not provide child care.

  • We are very family oriented. If your family exceeds our limit of four guests per week please contact us so we can make accommodations to allow your family to enjoy this experience as a family event if we can.

  • As part of the crew, guests will work with or be in close proximity to large, strong animals, heavy farming equipment, and other ranch/cowboying implements. With your personal safety in mind (and ours!), alcohol is prohibited during cowboy working hours—that means as long as we’re working—and alcoholic beverages are not provided or sold on the ranch. You may bring your own, but please respect our concern for safety if we ask you to confine alcohol use to “after hours.”

  • Designated areas exist for smoking, but we reserve the right to amend or adjust these if weather conditions result in increased fire risk on the ranch. If we ask you to refrain from smoking in certain areas, please know that it is for the safety of all—we do not offer “range fire” as one of our ranch experiences, and you do not want to be found in the middle of one!

  • Gas – We are 45 miles from any gas stations. You will want to make sure you fill up before you come out so that you will have plenty of gas to do any site seeing you might want to do!

  • Cell Phone Service- There is no cell phone service here at the Guest Ranch. However, you are welcome to use our phone to make any necessary calls. There is limited cell service at the Cow Camp if you have Verizon Wireless as your provider.

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