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The History of Kiger Mustangs

From soccer to work, to school, to practice, to cooking and cleaning, life can be stressful.

Want to escape day-to-day life and spend time in serene nature?

If the answer is yes, you’re in the right place!

Steens Mountain Guest Ranch has got you covered. With beautiful and relaxing horseback rides out into the countryside of southeastern Oregon, you can get the chance to view and experience Kiger Mustangs in their natural habitat.

What Is A Kiger Mustang?

Kiger Mustangs in the Steens Mountain Range

Not Sold on the relaxing outdoor excursion yet?

The first step to changing your mind is gaining an understanding of the beautiful Kiger Mustangs.

Kiger Mustangs are a specific pedigree of mustangs that are found solely in the southeastern parts of Oregon.

The biggest thing that sets these Kiger Mustangs apart is that they are not bred or raised in captivity; they are wild and are free to roam the Steen Mountains as they please.

The Background Of Kiger Mustangs

While the Kiger Mustang breed has only been “re-discovered” in the last 100 years, they are shown to have descended from Spanish horses that were brought to North America centuries ago.

For many years, the breed had largely vanished from the mustang populations, that was until the Kiger Mustangs were discovered again in the 1900s.

The mustangs are athletic and muscularly built, as they are known for their stamina and their intelligence. While many Kiger Mustangs look similar, they have many different color combinations across the bloodline.

Some Kiger Mustangs may be found colored in:

  • Dun

  • Red Dun

  • Grulla

  • Buckin

  • Claybank

  • Etc.

Viewing the Kiger Mustangs at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch

Viewing A Kiger Mustang

Now that observing these wild mustangs has become #1 on your bucket list, you may be wondering where you can get up close with a Kiger Mustang.

Worry no more! Steens Mountain Guest Ranch is the perfect viewing spot to get to see wild Kiger Mustangs in their natural habitat.

Take a day to unplug from the stresses of day-to-day life and travel out to the countryside of southeastern Oregon to get the full Kiger Mustang experience.

With a day of horseback riding, beautiful scenery, Kiger Mustang observations, and relaxing views, Steens Mountain Guest Ranch is the place to go!

Check out our website, or give us a call at 541-493-1164 to learn more about the majestic Kiger Mustangs and the Steen Mountain Guest Ranch experience!

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