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cowhand detail



Cowhand detail

This entails oft-repeated duties that life on the ranch requires. Some might call these “mundane” or “tedious” tasks, but we think you’ll find them anything but. They can be challenging, are certainly engaging, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you’re done.


Fence Building

Fence building is the part of cowboy life that we do call "work." It is one of those necessary things that have to be done on a ranch with range animals. When out to fix barbwire fence, we spend the majority of time on horseback riding the fence line, stopping to repair holes or other damage here and there. And sometimes mending fence means starting from square one and building the whole thing, so be ready!


Gloves are a necessity when mending or building fences—they save fingers and hands from those nasty little barbs.  We have several pairs of gloves you can borrow, as long as you aren’t too picky about size or color. You truly experience part of the cowboy way of life when you help build a little fence!

putting out salt 

Few people stop to consider the diet of livestock as they’re biting into a tender, juicy, perfectly-seasoned steak. And who can blame them! Well, we might get away with that in the restaurant, but on the range, we definitely keep a good eye on the livestock’s diet. You see, cattle need more minerals than what the grass they eat provides.  As such, part of a cowboy’s work is ensuring that salt and minerals are available for the cattle on the range.


When you’re part of the crew, you’ll likely be there to help us put out 50 lb. blocks of salt for the cattle to lick while they graze. We’ll have the pack horses carry them, though—not you!


The mineral is given to the cattle in plenty, as well, although a cow will only eat what her system needs. We usually put mineral on the ridges, this makes for fantastic views and an enjoyable ride. You’ll be glad you’re along!



Caring for your tack is an important part of being a cowhand. As part of the crew, you’ll learn how to keep your saddle and tack in good working condition. We keep our saddles well oiled and repaired to keep both the rider and horse as comfortable as possible. A squeaky saddle and stiff bridle aren’t fun for either of you!


In everyday use, tack experiences a lot of wear and tear. So in the evenings we’ll usually spend some time oiling gear and fixing tack that gets worn during the day, and you’ll get the chance to care for your own or assigned tack.

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