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Cow Camp is glorified camping and is one of the most enjoyable adventures you’ll experience at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch. Getting to cow camp isn’t too arduous; you don’t have to walk in because you’re on horseback. As part of the crew at Cow Camp, you’ll cook, round up stray cattle, check water holes, clear trails, fix fences, move cows from pasture to pasture, and put out salt and minerals.


When the cattle are up on the range, we spend most of the week in Cow Camp, which becomes our “headquarters” during the summer months. So if this is part of your Steens Mountain Guest Ranch experience, you’ll get plenty used to a cowboy bedroll. But we’ve updated Cow Camp a bit for our visitors, who may not be used to the rugged life of the cowboy. You’ll have pads to put under your bedroll, a shower to wash off the dirt, flushable toilet, solar power phone charging station, and running water, but beyond that, most other everyday personal amenities you’ll be obliged to leave behind.


In Cow Camp we cook on a stove or open fire, depending on who’s cooking, and what they are cookin’ up. The food can be simple but it never tastes so good as at Cow Camp—it’s amazing how a little hard work and “hunger sauce” can turn mere “cowboy grub” into a kingly meal! As part of the crew you get to put your “two cents” in on what's on the menu up at camp and we can actually cook up most anything, so it is not as rough as it sounds. And while we cowfolk are “meat and potatoes” types, momma always makes sure we get our fruits and veggies in, so we stay healthy.


One thing that’s in short supply at Cow Camp is electricity, as in there isn’t any. So you won’t need your curling iron or blow dryer. In fact, we encourage guests to “keep it slim and simple,” where modern gadgets are concerned. The most authentic and memorable experiences at Steens Mountain Guest Ranch are made by “checking the world at the door,” not by bringing it along.


See you at Cow Camp!

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