Steens mountains beef for sale

It doesn't get more natural than this. People today are becoming increasingly passionate about the food they eat and where it comes from. Buying locally means your food doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your plate. Buying local beef also means money stays in your local community. Our Eastern Oregon Red and Black Angus beef graze over 50,000 acres of canyons and valleys in the Steens Mountain range. All-natural beef raised with no steroids and no growth hormones. We have grass-fed half beef and whole beef available for sale, plus individual cuts available year-round for sale at our Steens Mountain Guest Ranch in Diamond, Oregon. 

Now taking reservations for the first week of April 2022 for half beef orders and whole beef orders! We tend to process beef packages every few months.

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Can’t wait?
Book one of our Steens Mountain Cowboy Experiences to live like a cowboy and try some of our authentic Steens Mountain grass-fed beef cuts, which are available for purchase at the end of your stay.

Grass Fed Local Beef For Sale Steens Mountains

why grass fed?

Generally, grass fed beef is considered to be a healthier option than grain-fed beef. Pound for pound, it has less total fat, and therefore less calories. Grass fed beef has 500 percent more of the essential fatty acid Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) than grain-finished beef.  In addition to being packed with B vitamins, grass fed beef has been found to be higher in vitamins A, E, and other antioxidants compared to grain fed beef.

Healthy, High Quality MEAT

Exclusive only at the Ranch

Remember to bring a cooler to take home Grass Fed Beef after your Cowboy Experience.

Helping the land and the environment

When properly managed, raising cows in pasture can be a benefit to the environment. On pasture, grazing beef does its own fertilizing and harvesting. Grazed pasture removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more effectively, including forestland and ungrazed prairie, helping to slow global warming.

On well-managed pasture-based ranches, the cows spread their manure evenly over the soil where it becomes a natural source of organic fertilizer. The manure improves the quality of the grass, which increases the rate of gain of the cows. It’s a closed, sustainable system.